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ENI PoC Review Team it is an entity in charge of administering the ENI PoC activity process:

  • maintaining and making available the PoC topics;
  • reviewing PoC proposals and PoC reports against the acceptance criteria;
  • declaring the acceptance/refusal of each PoC;
  • notifying acceptance/refusal of each PoC in the ENI_POC@list.etsi.org' mailing list;
  • compiling the accepted PoC Proposals and Reports and making them available to the ENI ISG;
  • monitoring the PoC project timelines, and sending the appropriate reminders to the PoC teams (for expected contributions, PoC report, etc.).


As agreed during the ENI#05 plenary meeting the following ENI delegates are part of the PoC Review Team:

  • Luca Pesando, TIM,
  • Raymond Forbes, Chairman, Huawei
  • Christine Mera, Support Officer, ETSI
  • Ultan Mulligan, CTI Director, ETSI
  • Antonio Gamelas, PT
  • Haining Wang, Intel Corporation (UK)
  • Bill Wright, Red Hat Limited (agreed via ISG ENI mailing list on 26/04/2019)
  • Yu Zeng, China Telecom (agreed via ISG ENI mailing list on 30/01/2020)