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= Templates =
= Templates =
   Work in progress
   [https://forge.etsi.org/upload/ETSI_ENI_PoC_Proposal_template.docx PoC Proposal Template]
   [https://forge.etsi.org/upload/ETSI_ENI_PoC_Final_Report_template.docx PoC Final Report template]
   Work in progress
= PoC Topics =
= PoC Topics =

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ENI PoC Framework Document

The ENI Proof of Concept (PoC) Framework GS describes the full ISG ENI PoC activity process, roles, responsibilities, acceptance criteria, etc...

The latest version of this document can be downloaded here: TBD.

For convenience of the PoC Teams, direct links to the PoC Proposal/PoC Report Templates, PoC Topics and a summary of the PoC Proposal acceptance criteria are provided below.


  PoC Proposal Template
  PoC Final Report template

PoC Topics

PoC Projects are expected to be scoped arround PoC Topics identified and agreed by ISG ENI . See details and current list of PoC Topics.

Submitting a PoC Proposal

  1. The PoC Team fills in the PoC Proposal template.
  2. The PoC Team uploads the completed proposal to the ETSI portal as a contribution to ENI.
  3. The PoC Team sends an email to the PoC Review Team.
  4. ENI PoC Review Team sends an e-mail containing the link to the proposal to the distribution list 'ISG_ENI@LIST.ETSI.ORG' with [ENI ISG PoC Proposal] in the subject line.

Acceptance Criteria

The criteria for acceptance of ENI ISG PoC Proposals are:

  1. The ENI ISG PoC Proposal shall contain the information requested in the format of the ENI ISG PoC Proposal Template of clause A.1 GS ENI 006, referred to as the PoC Team. This will be checked by ETSI CTI and the PoC Review Team.
  2. The organizations participating in an PoC Team shall include at least two Manufacturers and at least one Network Operator or one Service Provider, where at least one Network Operator or one Service Provider shall be a member of the ENI ISG (refer to clause A.1.1 of GS ENI 006).
  3. The ENI ISG PoC Team proposal shall address at least one goal relevant to ENI i.e. related with an ENI Use Cases, an ENI Requirements or the suitability of an ENI System Architecture aspect (refer to clause A.1.3.1 of GS ENI 006).The output of the PoC should provide feedback to the ISG ENI that should support the improvement of the output of the existing WIs. Alignment with existing activities is required.
  4. The ENI ISG PoC Team proposal shall indicate the venue where the PoC will be demonstrated (e.g. PoC Team member lab, industry trade show, etc.) (refer to clause A.1.5 of GS ENI 006).
  5. A PoC Team project timeline shall be provided (refer to clause A.1.4 of GS ENI 006).

Any ENI ISG PoC Proposal which meets these required elements will be accepted.

CTI support

The ETSI Center for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) can assist the PoC teams with test expertise, administration and project management.

ENI PoC Teams may request CTI assistance by contacting ETSI CTI.


  Work in progress