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ISG ENI just launched the Call for PoC. Be the first to candidate a PoC!

Overview of Reports

# Description Proposal Final Report
1 Intelligent Network Slice Lifecycle Management ENI(18)000104r2 TBD (Exp 31/03/2019)

List of PoCs

This page provides the list of on-going ISG ENI PoCs. Click on them to learn further details.

The following ENI Proofs of Concept are developed according to the ETSI ISG ENI Proof of Concept Framework. ENI Proofs of Concept are intended to demonstrate ENI as a viable technology. Results are fed back to the Industry Specification Group on Mobile Edge Computing.

Neither ETSI, the ISG ENI, nor their members make any endorsement of any product or implementation claiming to demonstrate or conform to ENI. No verification or test has been performed by ETSI on any part of these ENI Proofs of Concept.

No active PoCs yet.