ISG ENI Planning

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About ISG ENI Planning

This page shows the future planning of 2020/21 meetings:

• ENI#15 14-18 September 2020 London: Online

• ENI#16 7-11 December 2020 Beijing: co-host AsiaInfo & China Telecommunications confirmed

According to the covid-19 virus

ENI Meetings in 2021: Dates to be confirmed, March host is tentatively agreed

Hosts invited, subject to viral restrictions

• ENI#17 1-4 March 2021 ETSI HQ

• ENI#18 24-27 May 2021 (UK maybe)

• ENI#19 6-9 Sep. 2021 (China Maybe)

• ENI#20 6-9 Dec. 2021 (Spain Maybe)

Go south in the northern hemisphere winter is my only motive.

This information will be updated once a date and host is confirmed.