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ISG ENI - Industry Specification Group on Experiential Networked Intelligence

ENI focuses on improving the operator experience, adding closed-loop AI mechanisms based on context-aware, metadata-driven policies to more quickly recognize and incorporate new and changed knowledge, and hence, make actionable decisions.

ENI has launched a continuing Proof of Concepts activity. A PoC review team including was created and tasked with reviewing incoming proposals. The PoC activity is supported by Vodafone, TIM, China Telecom, PT, Aria-Networks, Samsung and Huawei. Each PoC Team proposal shall address at least one goal relevant to ENI, related with an ENI Use Case, an ENI Requirements or the suitability of the ENI System Architecture aspect. The output of each PoC project shall contribute to the completion of the version 2 specifications within ISG ENI. To improve the output of the Work-items. Alignment with existing activities is required. Each PoC Proposal will provide proof of the technical feasibility of ENI within the Industry. ENI has specified a set of use cases and the derived requirements for a generic technology independent architecture of a network supervisory assistant system based on the ‘observe-orient-decide-act’ control loop model. This model gives recommendations to decision-making systems, such as network control and management systems, to adjust services and resources offered based on changes in user needs, environmental conditions and business goals. A gap analysis of work on context-aware and policy-based standards has been considered, reviewing other Standards Developing Organizations to reuse existing standardized solutions for legacy and evolving network functions wherever possible. Security and a closed loop learning policy-model are subjects to be addressed shortly.

More information is available on the ETSI portal at:

ENI has published version 1 of the Use cases, Requirements, Context Aware Policy Management, terminology and a Proof of Concept (PoC) Framework.

Recently published deliverables

  • ETSI GR ENI 001
Work Item Title: Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI); ENI use cases
Target procedure or publication version: V1.1.1
For full details and schedule click [here]
  • ETSI GS ENI 002
Work Item Title: Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI); ENI requirements
Target procedure or publication version: V1.1.1
For full details and schedule click [here]
  • ETSI GR ENI 003
Work Item Title: Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI); Context-Aware Policy Management Gap Analysis
Target procedure or publication version: V1.1.1
For full details and schedule click [here]

The System Architecture is being specified, with a new draft including a high-level architecture using AI techniques.

ENI has opened new work-items to collect version 2 of the Use cases, Requirements and terminology.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Proposals are called for in line with the approved PoC framework.

ENI whitepaper

ISG ENI whitepaper is available [here]

ISG ENI presentation

You may upload the ISG ENI presentation [here]

Members and participants

The full list of ENI Members and participants is available here